RIT resources support humanitarian policymakers, practitioners, and the public to better understand refugee integration in cities.


Literature Review

Our literature review gives definitions of the key terms “refugees,” “urban,” “integration,” and other related terms; discusses the process of integration; overviews the existing knowledge gaps in the subject; covers how integration is currently being measured by humanitarian practitioners, policymakers, and academics; and describes some of the methods being used for studying integration.

The current list of works cited is available here, and our literature review is continually being updated with new sources. Discussion on how we prepared this review and its limitations is also available.

Book List

We also have compiled a list of books for a public audience that we’re reading at RIT. While thoroughly researched, these books are not strictly academic and provide unique, jargon-free viewpoints on refugee urban integration from contexts around the world.


We offer a brief primer on methods that researchers might use in developing our understanding of refugee urban integration. We also discuss the methodology of our RIT reports.

Key Readings

We’ve compiled a list of some of the key academic articles, practitioner reports, policy documents, journals, databases, and research institutions that we suggest for building an understanding of refugee urban integration. These materials are also summarized in our Literature Review.